We provide a full list of Message on hold services:

Vocal Services such as:

1. On Hold Message with On hold music .
2. IVR -We support “Vocal Voice Prompts” for BPX systems and voip. (MP3 or .Wav)
3. Our professional team can help create a script that is right for your business.
4. We offer “Pre connect message” – like “Please hold while your call is connected, all calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes”
5. We provide marketing consulting for promotional messages and offers.

Message on hold Equipment:

In many locations across the US we offer – installation of  “on hold players” by qualified telephone techs through our telephone connect partnerships.

Script Editing and Consulting

The ability for your caller to fully comprehend what you’re asking them to do is key to a great phone handling.  The purpose of your messages is to add to sales, improve customer care, and reduce miss directed calls.  We can assist you with the best approaches to call handling with scriptwriting and consulting on your IVR.

Cloud Messages on Hold & PBXs

Telephone Systems & Hosted PBX Solutions

Through our national network of  Telephone connect Partners we offer installation of new telephone equipment or hosted PBX solutions.

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