Pricing of custom message on hold

Message on hold pricing and Voice Mail message recording:

Message on Hold – Full Program:

Many companies offer packages that include 4-5 segments with music for about $69 to $89 each for a total of  $345 Or more!   Then of course some only provide a more generic “company name, contact, and address” with an entry level pricing of  $99 to $199. ( Be aware in both of these cases your messages are typically limited to a few minutes total).

We offer a Full CUSTOM program of  up to 11 Segmented messages just $199 and for $249 we double it!   As well as offer a FREE “Holiday Verison”.  If you often have long hold times, this provides variations so that clients are not likely to hear the same message during their hold.  This includes some of our standard “Thank you for holding”, and :

  1. Company Name
  2. Company location or find us online
  3.  Encourage to visit social media – “Like us, Share Us, and Link to us”
  4. A “Did you know we :Offer/Provide/Fix ”  Gain more exposure on what you do.
  5. Promo or Special or Upsells mixed throughout 
  6. Generic “Thanks for Holding” 

Message on Hold – Basic:

If you do not need a fully custom on hold message we offer our Basic package which includes: Several version of “thank you for holding messages”, your company name, address, hours, and website, and one promo ad. All for just $68

Voice Mail Message :

Critical for home based business, after hours, or away from your desk messages.   We provide a professional voice mail greeting for your (Cell Phone, Office Line, Away Message, PBX Voice Mail, and land line).  If you do not have the ability to use (Mp3 or .wav) we will need access to a temporary pin and call in access. (note: quality of a called in message will not be as high as an MP3 file).

Voice Mail Message Greeting – $37 per greeting per individual box.

PBX Message Greeting and Prompts :

Please request a quote as this will vary based on number of menu items and system.  Typically we will provide a Day, Night and Holiday Greeting menu.



Payment Options:

Custom Message on Hold is a TriTella company. We accept all major credit cards, and offer Financing options via Bill Me Later (now Paypal credit).