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We offer Custom on Hold Messages and/or we offer semi-custom on hold messages packaged for small to medium size businesses.   

Custom on hold messages matter!

A significant amount of a marketing budget is designed to get customers to "Call" but that first impression matters.  The reality is 7 out of 10 customers are placed on hold therefore a Custom on hold message matters!

We are here to assist you building a quality on hold program because we know the difference a custom on hold message can make to your business.  The biggest immediate effects are that callers feel:

  • 88% of callers preferred on-hold messages to other hold options....
  • Callers with an On Hold Messaging versus silence stay on hold longer
  • Customers are often iratated at spending time on hold 
  • Use your on hold message to promote products or services


Custom on hold message Value

The value of a custom on hold message far exceeds its cost due to the opportunities it presents to build confidence in your brand, expand your social media, and most importantly help callers feel more satisified.   

How calls are handled Matteers

Its clear that call handling is one of the most ignored line item in marketing budgets and yet a vast amount of most marketing budgets are designed to push clients to make a call.  

Most of all, customers hate being put on hold; unfortunately, however, it’s a situation that’s largely unavoidable. Studies show that most people tend to overestimate how long a given period of time actually is. Being "on hold" for a minute feels like three minutes, five minutes feels like thirty, and anything longer than that feels like an hour. Therefore what they hear while on hold matters and a custom on hold message can truly help client perceptions. 

A Better on hold Experience

We are here to assist you with createing a "Better on Hold Experience"

"Its about our customers"

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